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Male Infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology fellowship programs 
Please be advised that this list of programs may not represent a complete listing of all available fellowship programs. 

  • If you would like to list a male infertility/sexual function/andrology fellowship opportunity, please email asrm@asrm.org, and include contact information for the fellowship. 

  • If you have questions regarding a specific fellowship program, please direct your questions specifically to the contact listed with the program, as ASRM is unable to answer specific questions regarding each fellowship.


Institution: Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX, 77030
Mentors: Larry I. Lipshultz, M.D., and Dolores J. Lamb Ph.D.
Hospitals: St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, The Methodist Hospital and University General Hospital
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 55% Male Infertility; 15% Sexual Dysfunction; 20% Andrology and 10% Miscellaneous
Length of fellowship: 1 or 2 years
Clinical/Research: 100% clinical if one year, if two years it is 20% clinical and 80% research
Contact person: Jo Vasquez, Administrative Assistant
Contact email: jvasquez@bcm.edu 
Contact phone number: 713-798-6163 or 713-798-6007
Fax: 713-798-6007
Website: www.baylorurology.org 

Institution: Brown University; Providence, RI 02905
Mentors: Kathleen Hwang MD, Mark Sigman MD, and Vincent Harisaran MD
Hospitals: Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, and The Providence VA
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 40% Male Infertility/ 40% Sexual Function/ 20% Andrology
Length of fellowship: 1 or 2 years
Clinical/Research:  80% clinical/ 20% research
Contact person: Kathy Poland, Administrative Coordinator         
Contact email:  kpoland@lifespan.org
Contact phone number: (401) 444-8577
Fax: (401) 444-6947

Institution: Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, WI 53226
Mentors: Jay I. Sandlow MD, Margarita Kressin MD, Jon Pryor MD.
Hospitals: Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Clement J. Zablocki Veteran's Administration Hospital, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Male infertility/Sexual Dysfunction/Andrology: 70% male infertility/andrology, 20% sexual/erectile dysfunction/10% male reproductive endocrinology & miscellaneous
Length of fellowship: 1-2 years
Contact person: Tammy Janik, Medical Education Coordinator
Contact e-mail: tjanik@mcw.edu
Contact phone/FAX: 414-805-0788/414-805-0771
Website: http://www.mcw.edu/urology/Fellowship.htm 

Institution: Glickman Urological Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Mentors: Edmund Sabanegh, Jr.., M.D., and Ashok Agarwal, Ph.D.
Hospitals: Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 75% Male infertility, 25% Andrology
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Clinical/Research: 70% clinical, 30% research
Contact person: Edmund Sabanegh, Jr. M.D.
Contact email: sabanee@ccf.org 

Institution: Northwestern McGaw Center for Graduate Medical Education
Mentors: Drs. Robert Brannigan and Kevin McVary
Hospitals: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Male Infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: >33%/33%/33%
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Clinical/Research: >85%/15%
Contact person: Kelly Ross
Contact email:k-ross@northwestern.edu
Contact phone number: 312-503-3238
Fax: 312-908-7275

Institution: The Smith Institute for Urology of the North Shore LIJ Health System
Mentor: Bruce R. Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.
Hospitals: North Shore Hospital, Long Island Jewish Hospital
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery (30%), Male Sexual Medicine (30%), Andrology (20%) and Basic Science/Clinical Research (20%). A clinical fellowship encompassing medical, surgical and complementary approaches and includes hands-on training in Andrology Laboratory techniques and Urologic Ultrasound.
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Clinical/Research: 80% clinical, 20% research
Contact person: Bruce R. Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.
Contact email:bgilbert@gmail.com
Contact phone number: 516-487-2700
Contact Fax: 516-487-2007
Contact Website: www.smithinstituteforurology.com   

Institution: University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Mentors: Tom F. Lue, M.D.
Hospitals: UCSF-Moffit Hospital; UCSF-Mt. Zion Hospital; San Francisco General Hospital: Veteran Affairs Hospital.
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 40% Male Infertility; 40% Sexual Dysfunction; 20% other Andrology and General Urology
Length of fellowship: 2 years. There is also potential for acceptance into a highly mentored and well supported junior faculty position in Men's Reproductive Health (NIH K-12 MRHR Award) with 75% dedicated time to research for qualified Fellows. This K-12 program is not available in any other Andrology fellowship. 
Clinical/Research: 80% Research and 20% Clinical in Year 1 and 80% Clinical and 20% Research in Year 2. 
Contact person: Russ Heiman, Administrative Assistant
Contact email: Rheiman@urology.ucsf.edu 
Contact phone number: 415-885-3679
Contact fax: 415-885-7443
Contact website:http://urology.ucsf.edu 

Institution: University of Miami
Mentors: Ranjith Ramasamy, MD and Charles Lynne, MD
Hospitals: University of Miami Hospital, Veterans Affairs
Medical Center
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 40% Male
Infertility; 40% Sexual Dysfunction; 20% Andrology
Length of fellowship: 1year
Clinical/Research: 80% clinical 20% research
Contact person: Jackie Meneses, Residency Coordinator
Contact email:jmeneses@med.miami.edu;
Contact phone number: (305)243-3670
Fax: (305)243-4653
Website: http://urology.med.miami.edu 

Institution: University of North Carolina School of Medicine; Chapel Hill, NC
Mentors: Drs. Matt Coward and Culley C. Carson, III
Hospitals: UNC Healthcare, UNC Fertility 
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 60% Male Infertility; 20% Sexual Dysfunction; 20% other Andrology and General Urology
Length of fellowship: 1 year. 
Clinical/Research: 90% Clinical/ 10% Research
Contact person: Dr. Matt Coward
Contact email:  mcoward@med.unc.edu 
Contact phone number: 919-966-8217
Contact fax: 919-966-0098
Contact website: https://www.med.unc.edu/urology, https://www.uncfertility.com   

Institution: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mentors: Keith Jarvi MD, FRCSC, Kirk Lo MD, FRCSC, Ethan Grober MD, FRCSC
Hospitals: Mount Sinai Hospital, Women's College Hospital and Hospital for Sick Children
Male Infertility/Sexual function/Andrology:  70%, 20%, 10%
Length of Fellowship: 1 or 2 years
Clinical/Research: 1 year fellowship 80% clinical/20% research, 2 year fellowship: first year 100% research, 2nd year 80% clinical/ 20% research.  Fellows may obtain an MSc through the Institute of Medical Sciences for the 2 year fellowships. 
Contact person: Karen Benedict, Office Administrator
Contact e-mail: kbenedict@mtsinai.on.ca
Contact phone number:  416-586-4800 ext 3940
Fax: 416-586-4776 Contact Website: http://www.mountsinai.on.ca/care/mkuwc/education 

Institution: University of Utah
Mentors: William O. Brant, MD, FACS, FECSM Co-Directors (Depending on tract): Jeremy Myers, MD, FACS , James Hotaling, MD
Hospitals: University of Utah Mens Health Center/Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine/University of Utah Andrology
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 60/10/30
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Clinical/Research: 80/20
Contact person: Ashlee Argyle
Contact email: ashlee.argyle@hsc.utah.edu
Contact phone number: 801.213.2704
Contact website: http://medicine.utah.edu/surgery/urology/fellowship-reconstructive.php

Institution: Weill Cornell Medical College
Mentors: Marc Goldstein, M.D.; Peter Schlegel, M.D.; Darius Paduch, M.D., Ph.D.; John Mulhall, MD, Philip Li, M.D.
Hospitals: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 75 % male infertility, reproductive genetics, and endocrinology, 25 % sexual medicine (erectile dysfunction, orgasmic and ejaculatory disorders), Men's Health promotion, and Andrology (including adolescent Andrology)
Length of fellowship: 2 years for clinical fellowship, 2 year international research fellowship available
Clinical/Research: 40% clinical (including clinical research , 60% translational and basic research.
Contact person: Ms. Hyacinth Afflick, Manager
Contact email:hafflick@med.cornell.edu
Contact phone number: 212-746-5470
Contact fax: 212-746-0977
Contact website:www.maleinfertility.org and www.cornellurology.com 


Institution: University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA 22908
Mentors: Raymond A. Costabile, M.D., and Ryan P. Smith, MD
Hospitals: University of Virginia Healthsystem 
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 55% Male Infertility; 15% Sexual Dysfunction; 20% Andrology and 10% Miscellaneous 
Length of fellowship: 1 or 2 years
Clinical/Research: 70% clinical/30% research 
Website: http://www.medicine.virginia.edu/clinical/departments/urology/residents-and-fellowships/andrology-fellowship.html
Contact person: Raymond A. Costabile, MD or Ryan P. Smith, MD 
Contact email:rac2b@virginia.edu or rps2k@virginia.edu 
Contact phone number: 434-924-9560
Fax: 434-982-3652

Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Mentors: Thomas Walsh, M.D.
Hospitals: University of Washington Medical Center 
Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology: 50 % male infertility,  30 %  sexual dysfunction and 20% Andrology 
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Clinical/Research: 80% clinical (including clinical research , 20%  translational and basic research
Contact person: Jessica Green, Program Administrator
Contact email: urores@uw.edu
Contact phone number: 206.685.1982
Contact fax: 206.543.3272
Contact website: depts.washington.edu/uroweb/  



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